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🔴►Bus Stop | Comedy Scene (English Subtitles) #CONTENT

🔴►Bus Stop | Comedy Scene (English Subtitles) #CONTENT

I like your hair Thank you. It looks like a dead poodle without a head I love poodles My poodle died he wanted to cross the road and then the bus came and prrprprrrr There was a lot of blood his insides all over the road One of his eyes popped out I’m sorry, it’s not your fault. I know how you feel My grandma died recently When? when I was five I’m sorry. It’s not your fault What are you waiting for? a bus What bus are you waiting for? Number eight. I like eight Me too. I like the shape It doesn’t have a beginning It doesn’t have an ending Do you want a sip of my water? I’d like that your saliva just made out with my saliva I want to kiss you I want you to kiss me That was magical you have a fly on your shoulder, I’m scared. of flies!… GET OFF HER! … It’s gone You’re here oh You’re welcome I think I’m gonna marry you Marriage is a horrible thing There’s always divorce wedding around the corner and then you fight and then you have to give the bitch 50% And then your kids become a serial killer I hate kids They ruin vaginas The bus is not coming I’ve been waiting for two hours Maybe the bus driver died and took the bus to heaven do you wanna walk? okay ou

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