22 thoughts on ““Best SUV 2018 (Car Salesman Tells ALL)”

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  2. Maybe tone down the swearing? It sounds unprofessional and some people have kids listening in the background.

  3. Is the RX 350 best for all years? Is 2016 best for price and value or all years? (this is considering that I can afford any) BTW, just subscribed, amazing channel.

  4. Great video. Of all these I'd go with the RX350 since I don't need a 3rd row. Also, the newer RX models having a 3rd row was a stupid idea imo. I get it; 3 row SUVs are all the rage but not everyone wants/needs a 3rd row.

  5. I am sorry but the Cadillac XT5 is one of the worst made and unreliable cars. In fact, these days Cadillac cars are pretty shitty all around and cost a fortune to fix.

  6. I'm on my third Audi and the most money i spent was on tires. Traded up up each time for more vehicle and no money down. I do have the diesel model that was recalled for software tampering. They paid me $$$$ and reprogrammed the computer to register the correct amount of pollutants it was putting into the air. Lost a little gas milliage, getting 24 and 32, was 26 and 36. However the 428 ft lbs of torque seems to be ok. Q5 TDI Prestige model.

  7. Sooo true!! Driving a 2016 GX460, only complaint is the gas comsumption 15mpg. GREAT GREAT SUV.
    Like your video, telling the truth. Drove some German cars, after 50000km, repair after repair.

  8. Some really good helpful points…thanks! AFA Lexus GX and LX…recognizing both vehicles have poor gas mileage…planning to keep “forever”…for daily driver to work in city and family vehicle for trips (camping, moderate off road and distance travel)…which of the two SUVs (2014-16 GX or 2013-14 LX) do you recommend? Thank you!

  9. If you care anything about getting more subscribers then clean up your filthy mouth! You have good information but I couldn’t take your pathetic language!!

  10. I have bad credit and a car with negative $11k equity. Currently I pay $700 a month for 72 months. Crazy right? Well I'm 2 years in and I need to trade it in for an SUV.

    My math tells me that a $24k used SUV that I want to buy + $11K in negative equity turns into a $35 k SUV. after tax, license and a $1000 down payment … How much should I be paying when I get this SUV? $600 a month sounds fair since I have shitty credit. Tax alone is 10%

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