Bus Conversion Vlog #4: Removing the bus subfloor part 2

so I have a confession I’m not proud of it see that take a good long look my brother loaned that to me about four months ago and I forgot to give it back to him so don’t be an ass like me if someone borrows heat tools make sure you return it I’m ashamed of myself so confession, I did not car camp last night it was freaking freezing it was like 26 degrees and despite not wanting to have to drive
back to Kalispell which is about an hour and a half away from Libby where the bus is I did and then I came back this morning bright and early to get these floors knocked out you are my friend little heater alright guys here’s an update so yesterday we came and got all the rubber out of the floor all the metal that’s off the bottom so basically all that was left was plywood so it took me about four hours and that’s one of the things I think a lot of people when
they do these school bus conversions they wonder how long it’s going to take
how much time it’s going to take it’s an undertaking it does take quite a
long time you know so if you plan on doing something like this plan on three
to six months of working on it depending on how intricate you get and those kinds
of things the initial demolition side of it
actually goes relatively quickly so we had about four and a half or five hours
yesterday into tearing out the rubber and all the metal getting it down just
to where the plywood is and then today we’re gonna go ahead and take out all
the plywood and see how far we get with that one of the things I wanted I kindof touched on it yesterday but I wanted to talk about a little bit more on today
as I have all of this metal and this is I have all this metal this all aluminum that you can take into your recycle local recycling place and get money for this is mostly aluminum what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna cut it up into small pieces and those are the bus
seats and I’m gonna cut that up into small pieces so that I can get it into
my car as well all of this it’s not a lot we probably get 20 bucks for it
but you don’t have to just throw it away and most recycling centers you take it
to there they weigh it and its super super quick Should be a good day! also just as a warning I’m not sure how
safe it is the grind hot metal onto plywood that’s got dust and dirt and all
that fun stuff so please be warned and be safe and always wear eye protection
and hearing protection which I don’t have which I am gonna buy when I go because that grinder gets freaking loud I always love coming to Ace been here
like two minutes and they’ve asked me like nine times if I need any help or if
I can find anything so if you can spend your money locally do it on a side note don’t skimp on
your masks these ones were imported all the way from Australia and buy imported I mean I bought them when I was there like a year ago so one of the things I’m doing right
now is I’m taking out these rub rails as you can see we took them out on this other side all along, took off the attachment there took them off all along down there but I have noticed just maybe one of the
unfortunate parts is that there’s a lot of silicone that’s missing from
underneath of the windows as you can see these things are just
seeping with water and it’s not because the windows are linking up here it’s because they’re leaking down here a lot of moisture is kind of built up right
there but it’s all because the silicon is all bad so before we get the floors out what I’m trying to do is I’m trying
to get all the stuff cleaned up so that I can I make a dump run, while I go to lunch So it doesn’t look like Libby
actually has a recycle center you can turn stuff in for money which is fine really all I wanted to do is just
get everything out of the bus so that I could make sure it was
clean then get that floor out of there so I’m here at the landfill as you can
see behind me, where they take all of your refrigerators and old appliances
and things like that, just throw them in this big pile, then they come and they
scoop it up with big front-end loaders a couple times a year, cube it up
and then take it off to recycling finally to that point hopefully this goes pretty quickly but as you can see behind me here the bus is finally cleaned out this side seems to have a little bit more moisture than the other when I bought the bus like I said some of the windows were open
and I just wonder if this moisture is long-term moisture or if it’s moisture
that just came in because of all the snow and everything is melting my trusty tripod because I’m ghetto I connect my selfie stick to that and then I use this ace bandage and wrap it around because it seems like because it seems like a good thing to do super easy, didn’t cost me any money why not heck yeah that wasn’t nearly as bad as I
thought it was gonna be but the rest of them are sure to be worse, I guarantee it just like that the wood floor is out! took off about I don’t know I’d say an hour and a half maybe an hour not very long at all one thing I am super, super pumped about is this bus is in 1993 so you think about how much water, moisture, salt throw up **laughs** all of the things that have occurred in this bus since 1993 and that’s all the rust in the whole entire thing almost none, I mean there’s some but a lot of it’s just surface rust there’s a couple of places like that that, the mixture between wood and dirt and rust but for the most part I
mean this thing is in great shape the next time I come what we’re going to do is we’re going to knock out all of these I knock out all these side rails and get
them off it’s nice because they’re all just screwed in which makes it super super easy also you’ll notice that where I ripped up the plywood there’s nails or screws as you can see a majority of them are screws which is freaking awesome
because I tried to pull the nail out with that pry bar earlier and about
shook my arm off after it broke loose **sound effect** hey everybody I wanted to just say thank you
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