Découvrez le camping-car Rapido 886F

Hello everyone, Welcome to this 886 F, the new A-class from RAPIDO, this year’s most talked-about new motorhome! As you will see, the 8F series is now based on a x86 layout, more compact than the x96, but with a 150 cm central bed and a front living room with face-to-face bench seats. Whilst this layout is familiar, what makes it stand out from the rest of the range is that it heralds a new era for RAPIDO: the ULTIMATE LINE branding. As well as its
ULTIMATE LINE branding the 886F boasts
special, exclusive new fittings. These mostly relate to the interior design, with this new upholstery in particular named MILAN. This light polyamide coated fabric upholstery blends in perfectly, whilst the contrasting topstitching creates a warm feel. The cabin seats feature
matching upholstery and embroidery on the headrests bearing the
ULTIMATE LINE logo. Whilst the ULTIMATE LINE 886F boasts the new forward-facing conversion, it has now been improved magnetic bench seat backrests for easier conversion. With its ULTIMATE LINE branding, the 886F has a different interior design to the rest of the range with an updated CASTELLO interior.
(unique furniture) The overhead cupboard doors
are matte rather than having a high-gloss finish. At the same time, we have updated the trim strips in a new colour that blends in perfectly with the CASTELLO matte design. We have also taken the opportunity to update the curtains and net curtains in a more modern colour, to tie in with the design and the new laminated finishes on the kitchen worktop and living room table. Just like the x86, the 886F has a new refrigerator divided into two sections and boasts a bottle drawer at the bottom At the top, there is a gloss white
cupboard door which is unique to this model. The cab decor has also been updated with a new darker colour for the polyamide coated fabric covering to match the new design of the
CASTELLO furniture. This new colour features underneath the cab bed as well as on the skirt and front of the cab bed. Underneath the cab bed there are LED lights, usually reserved for more high-end models. Similarly, the skylight has been
updated and now features two pieces of polyamide
coated fabric trims with lights. At the back, there is a central bed with the same classic attributes as a x86, but the 886F has a new headboard trimmed with two fabric pieces with backlighting. In terms of exterior design, the 886F bears two
ULTIMATE LINE logos, on the rear panel as well as on the side of the living area door. The ULTIMATE LINE 886F boasts many exclusive
features that herald a new era
for RAPIDO. All that remains for me to say is that this model can be fitted with the optional ULTIMATE LINE PACK for added luxury, “with features such as 16″” alloys” a heated waste water tank and an outer sliding storage drawer. We hope you have enjoyed this demonstration of the
886F, and that you are impressed by these new RAPIDO products. They will be available
in dealerships from early 2020, so until then, happy driving!

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