20 thoughts on “Exclusive: Bus driver abandons bus full of children in New Jersey

  1. LORD HAVE MERCY LORD!!! Thank GOD because it couldn't been WORST. 😱😱😬😬😬😬😬😬

  2. Gets worse every year. Driving a bus full of kids with special needs and just abandons the bus, at least finish the route for the sake of the children. No wonder the contract was canceled.

  3. My husband used to be a school bus driver for the Selfridge air Force Base in Michigan when I tell you those kids were horrible I rode that bus one day with him and I wanted to spank every kid on the

  4. right u people have shootings and killings daily, and your worried about this nonnscence, nobody was hurt, lets make an issue of our real peoblem, the gun violence that can be easily bought to an end, but a few gangster law makers want it to keep going on

  5. There's nothing to investigate the buck stops there. Time to walk away. No money, no work. Time to go on unemployment

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