10 thoughts on “Hands-Free Liftgate-How to open automatic liftgate on 2019 Jeep Cherokee

  1. I’ve had my 2019 Jeep Cherokee overland for 3 weeks, have yet to figure out the lift gate.. only got it to work once.

  2. Update on lift gate issues on my 2019 Cherokee Overland. A bulletin has been issued on many of the 2019 lift gates. They don’t work, and those that have been fixed may not work. A vendor has been hired to manufacture a part to fix the issue. It will be ready in early May.

  3. Why not have this feature on the other Jeeps? I love this feature on my Ford Escape. My next car would be a Jeep if it had this feature, but I don't need a Cherokee. I may get another Escape instead because this feature is great and I don't have a real reason for switching to Jeep. (I just like the look of the new black roof option.)

  4. I have a 2019 jeep Cherokee limited silver. This doesn't work on my car is just in specific cars or what ? I though having the limited would have it all

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