Mercedes Benz GLS 63 AMG 2 x12v Battery Electric Kids Ride On Car With Remote Control

– Check out our licenced
24 volt battery electric Mercedes-Benz GLS 63. (car show music) The great thing about our new Merc is it has four 35 watt motors
and two 12 volt batteries. So not only is it more
power, and more comfortable than your regular ride on car, but the battery will also last you longer it’s suitable for children
of up to eight years of age or up to 128 centimetres in height. Let’s take a look at some
of the standard features. Functioning lights. Start up engine sounds. Integrated multi media console. 2.4 GHz parental remote control. Opening doors. Official brand stickers and badges. Functioning horn. (honking horn) And a safety belt. Let’s take a look at the premium features. All wheel suspension
maintains ride comfort on uneven surfaces. The all wheel drive feature gives this car better traction off road. The two times 12 volt batteries means the car will last longer. Soft EVA tyres makes the
ride more comfortable for your child whilst
giving the car more grip. The separate light switch allows the lights to be
switched on or off at will. It has a comfortable
padded leather style seat. The two seat capacity allows your child to ride along with
their friend or sibling. The low high-speed settings is great for those who aren’t
confident in their new ride. We give our customers the option to purchase our key shaped USB sticks. Which are compatible with this
cars onboard media player. Our dust and rain covers
come in a range of sizes to suit all of our ride on cars. If you would like to buy
one of these great cars, then go to our website at Where we offer free one day delivery if you live in the UK and
if you order before one pm.

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