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Surviving 24 Hours Straight In The Bermuda Triangle

Surviving 24 Hours Straight In The Bermuda Triangle

(mysterious music)
– The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most dangerous places on Earth. Over 100 ships and
planes have gone missing with no explanation. Me and the boys are gonna
spend 24 hours straight in The Bermuda Triangle. Wish us luck. (tense dramatic music) Guys, we’re in the ocean. I want you all to make a will. I want you all to take a camera and let us know if something
were to happen to you what would you want to
happen with your money. – It’s not a will if I don’t
have a feather and plume. – (claps) All right, I’m
going to write my will, boys. My last will and testament, I don’t own a lot of things so I’ll probably just
leave my dog to my fam and everything else to my family, but my ostrich is a free man. – All right, so my last
will and testament, I’m gonna leave the house,
our cars, our dogs, our cats– – To me.
– And all of our money, to my wife. – All right guys, if I
die, Mom, just take the car that Jimmy gave me,
and my Xbox, keep that. – For their wills they
wanted quills and paper, so I got them it.
– Oh, hi. – Did you actually get a– – Here’s paper. – [Chandler] There you have
it, Chris is giving everything to his wife. – [Chris] And a smiley face. – It says, “My will,
give my boat to my dad, “Shelby can have everything,
except my web history.” (dramatic music) – We’re actually, currently
in The Bermuda Triangle The boys aren’t really doing too well. We’re all seasick beyond belief. Oh, this water’s killing me. Starting (claps) now, 24 hours begins. (mellow flute music) – Are you guys okay? – Does any part of me look okay right now? – We’re gonna go tell the Captain to take us anywhere not here. The water is too… Hi Chand.
– Yeah, he’s dead. I want you to stand right here and just look at this going up and down. Like, we’re not being babies. It’s been requested that we find a little bit
calmer waters (laughs). – Gimme 10 minutes, it’s gonna
to be like a swimming pool (upbeat elevator music) – We came to a little bit calmer waters as you can see the waves
aren’t as big so, are you fine? – I’m doing better. – We’re probably gonna go back out there. – That’s not good, I threw up 11 times. – Hey Jimmy, can I get in the water? – We’re literally in The Bermuda Triangle. Chris, this is The Bermuda Triangle. – He’s going in!
(water splashes) (game show xylophone music)
– Hole in one! – Why not!
(water splashes) – What could possibly go wrong? – I’m about to jump off a yacht I love you, Jimmy, if I don’t make it. (rock music)
– Yahoo! (water splashes)
(clapping) – We got him!
– Dude, that’s crazy! – Yee Yee!
(water splashes) (water splashes)
– Woo! – [Tareq] Marcus, you going? – Bruh, (laughs hysterically) no! – All right Marc – All right Mar-Marc
(laughs) (water splashes)
How does the water feel, dude? – Feels pretty good (water splashes) (Viking laughs) (squeaking)
(water splashes) – Are you ready to have fun, dude? (elevator music) (jet ski motor roaring)
(boys yelling) (relaxing piano elevator music) – Wait, guys.
– Yo, where is Chandler? – [Viking] I swear he
was there the whole time. – [Tareq] Yo, he lost Chandler. – I gotta go find him, I’m out, slowly. – We got him! – I got him back!
– No! – [Tareq] Bring Chandler
over here (laughs). – Chandler, buddy! – [Tareq] Chandler, are you okay? – Are you okay?
– Huh? Yeah! – All right guys, last one
to fall off wins $2,000. – [Tareq] Oh! (intense action music)
– No, no, no, no! (boys laughing)
(boys cheering) – Oh!
(laughs) (screaming)
(water splashing) – I’m still on! – That’s off. – [Tareq] It’s off. – Chandler won!
(children cheering) (relaxing elevator music) – We are doing a cool trick competition. Whoever jumps off the yacht with the coolest trick wins two grand. (rock music)
Chandler. Go for it! – [All] Chandler! – Okay. Okay.
– Oh! – [Viking] Front flip! – All right, All right. – [Tareq] All right Marc. – Woo! (water droplet drops) (water splashes)
– Oh! – [Tareq] Oh my god, that looks painful! (water splashes) – [Viking] He did a front flip – Now that everyone is dried
off we will crown the winners of the trick competition. Marcus, you just did a pencil dive. – I deserve to win, that was the, oh! (buzzer rings)
(Jake laughs) – You just did a canon ball. – No, I belly flopped. (water splashes) (audience sighs in relief) – You better not, I did
the best front flip. – And so did Chris. – No, his was worse and I went
– But– – First, I went first!
– No but I– – We all know that you never win. – Oh, ooh! – Close your–
– I did– – Whoa!
– Wah! (buzzer rings) I was trying to push you in. – (clapping) We have to
keep Chandler’s brand alive. We have to, it’s for– – I knew it!
(buzzer rings) – I did it!
– Chandler is the winner. (children cheering)
– All right, all right, oh my God. (water splashes)
(Mr.Beast laughs) – All right, come on
children, let’s go eat. (ominous music) – [Tareq] So, what happened? – The big time lapse
camera fell into the water so we’re gonna try and rescue it. – Please rescue it, please.
– We’re trying. – [Tareq] Shine light on
Chris, shine light on Chris. Can you see anything? Don’t lose Viking, don’t lose Viking. (bagpipe music) – How you liking The
Bermuda Triangle so far? – Ugh, it’s pretty dangerous, to cameras. – The only thing that’s gotten hurt so far in The Bermuda Triangle is
literally our $7,000 camera. – I stubbed my toe. – Honestly, I’m kind of enjoying it. Maybe it’s ’cause we’re on a yacht, but it doesn’t seem that bad. – The reason why all those sailors and Amelia Earhart all went missing, ’cause it’s so nice here,
why would you leave? – Maybe the reason why
this place is so dangerous is because they don’t
have trees, or donate below the video,
we’re almost at $20 million. Now that all of you guys are fed, it’s time for the next challenge. As you know, things in
The Bermuda Triangle typically go missing, so
let’s play hide and seek. – You should count to 10,000
’cause you’ve already done it. – [Mr.Beast] I’m gonna go count to 500. You guys hide, whoever
I find last gets $2,000. – Ooh okay.
– Okay. – So I’m in my room and I’m
going to be getting counting. One, two, three, four. – [Tareq] Oh my god, can you fit? – There’s no way I’m fitting. – [Tareq] No, dude, you can, you can. – There’s no way I’m fitting– – [Tareq] You have to believe. – Here, hold this, I can’t
get out, and it hurts. (Tareq Laughs) – [Chris] I know you can’t see, but I’m on the top of the
boat, you’ll never see me. – 40, 41, 42. – Holy crap, its hot in here. As you can see I’m in, like, a… I’m underneath something – 301, 302, 303. – Now I’m gonna try and hide over here They’ll never notice me right here – 500, let’s do this. Someone has to be back here. I hear movement. I hope no one’s hiding in the water. We’ll keep exploring. I see you! – [Chris] I couldn’t find anywhere else all my spots didn’t
work, I want another try. – Let’s check the rooms. This door is cracked, and I
bet you they left it cracked so I wouldn’t think someone’s in here. (door creaks) Making sure I’m checking
every nook and cranny. – Cranny! (Tareq laughs) The look on your face was priceless. – I thought I had someone. – You said I could not
mess with other people. You didn’t say I couldn’t not sword you. Oh, you got to be quicker. (door slams)
(Tareq laughs) – I think there’s someone in here. (Tareq and Mr. Beast laugh) – No! – We know someone is in that closet how do we mess with them? – [Tareq] Ask the chef–
– Hopefully get Febreeze and just start spraying Febreeze, – Yes!
– I know where some Febreeze is. – We’re going to Febreeze bomb
whoever is in the bathroom. – [Chris] Did you check in here? – [Mr.Beast] Yup, we did. (Febreeze bottle sprays)
(boys laughing) Wait, I can’t see anyone. – [Chris] He’s known you’ve been in there from, like, the beginning. – Can I come out now?
– Yeah. Chandler won, we haven’t found him yet. – [Mr.Beast] Chandler is the
only one we haven’t found yet. – I know where he is. – Did they forget about me? Probably. (sighs) I’m getting the freak out of here, I don’t care anymore. (sighs) I couldn’t breathe
in there (exhales). – [Mr.Beast] Hey, there you are! Really, all I had to do was come up here? (children cheering) (ominous dark music) – Guys, I just heard something. I don’t find somebody,
what the freak was that? Hello? Jake, Jake, Jake! What? Marcus? Oh no… – We’re hiding from Chandler. We woke him up, and then hid. – So there’s no one in here. Where is everyone? – We are now in his room. – Guys, this isn’t funny… Yo, this is too, I’m not
ever doing this again. Just gonna go back to my room since… (door handle rattles)
(faint giggling) (door handle rattles)
What the heck? – Surprise!
– Surprise! – Happy Birthday!
(boys cheering) – [Chris] Hey, buddy. – [Chandler] Wait, you
guys are sharing this room? – Aren’t you glad you found us? – [Chandler] I’m very glad,
yes, ’cause I was upstairs and I saw someone, but I
think it was a crew member. (boys laugh)
And I was in my underwear. (boys laughing) (creepy music)
– While the sea sickness, the camera falling in the
ocean, and Chandler winning three challenges in a row,
were all bizarre occurrences, we still weren’t convinced
it was The Bermuda Triangle. But later that night we
managed to get some footage of some disturbing stuff. – Hey Chandler, Chandler,
did you hear that? Think I heard something. It’s okay, I’ve got my trusty sword. I’m gonna sleep here with my sword. – Connor, can you see?
– No. – [Mr.Beast] Open the
door, just go after them. – [Connor] Okay. – Ah, a ghost!
– Ah! – Why are you in here?
– Ah! – [Chris] Call off your whatever this is! – [Chandler] Ow dude, you’re
using the sheet that… (bongos playing) – [Mr.Beast] Do you guys
wanna join in our raid? – [Chris] Yeah, sure, I’ll raid. (Viking laughs) – [Chris] It’s a ghost, ah! – [Connor] Fun, yay! – [Viking] That was almost my, oof, Oh! (Connor imitating ghost)
– It’s a ghost. (boys laughing) (groaning and coughing) – Reveal yourself! (audience exclaims in surprise) (Connor coughing)
Oh, it was Connor. – [Tareq] Yeah. (laughs) He just tackled this man. – [Tareq] Hey guys goodnight (door slams). All right, hey (door slams) guys good– Marcus? Goodnight!
(door slams) Okay.
– That’s not my bedroom. – [Tareq] Oh, that’s not your bedroom? – Excuse me, excuse me
– Oh, oh. – This is my bedroom.
– That’s your bedroom – Yup.
– Oh, all right, well goodnight (door slams) (relaxing lounge music) – All right, Jake Paulers,
it’s currently 7 a.m. Chris, did we survive
The Bermuda Triangle? – I barely survived last night. – That’s ’cause you stayed up
all night playing video games. Wait, why don’t you have pants on? – I was woken, in my awoken sleep. – Wrapping a towel around your
waist is easier than pants? – [Chris] It’s a blanket, not a towel. – I was told I was needed. – Just gonna go over here. (hip hop music) We’re heading back, its a little wavy. – I’m about to throw up. – I feel like I’m going to throw up. You want me to throw up on camera? – [Tareq] Not again. – We made it! We’re never going on a yacht again. Not that I can afford it. – I got sick a lot.
– I almost threw up. – It turns out the only thing dangerous about The Bermuda Triangle
is motion sickness and terrible tripods.
(bomb exploding) ♪ Mr. Beast6000 oh, ♪ ♪ Mr. Beast6000 yeah, you know his name ♪ ♪ He changed it once or twice ♪ ♪ But I think it’s here to stay ♪ (bomb exploding)

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