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The Chinese army bombed the enemy’s armored vehicles with a grenade!Great soldier 10

The Chinese army bombed the enemy’s armored vehicles with a grenade!Great soldier 10

Thia’s gonna be called supremely armed Those things are ours sooner or later We need to go 3:10pm It’s 18 hours and 50 minutes away from reinforcements arriving Hua Zi How’s going Almost done Deep enough Ping Come on Get out of my way Sir Japanese troops are almost here, one mile away Keep watching Yes sir Listen up We do as scheduled never be trapped If we benefit you would run away to the north Now all units, stay down to go into the corn yard, come on Yes sir It’s the farmland ahead of us and it’s gonna be Lin town 50 miles away from here It’s reported that there’re Chinese troops here having a guerrilla war We need to surpass the mess in order to let our main forces take Xuzhou over smoothly Yes sir They’re here What’s up All right They’ve been trapped Asshole Sir You take it out Push the car Push the car Come on Come on Come on Push it, come on Enemies are here Safeguard here Aim at the point which’s firing in the middle Don’t go there Fire at the coin yard Stay down Throw them grenades, keep firing Ping We’re all on you Fighting Get down Move Keep firing by the grenade launcher Yes sir Fire by the grenade launcher Move Listen to me The continual firepower for 30 seconds aiming at Japanese troops Never to be trapped After finishing the battle we need to move to the other spot immediately Stand by Fire Get covered Get covered The armoured car, come on, get us covered Get covered Fire Get covered They had the armoured car that mede them a coffin Let’s wait and see who’s the guy to take them to the hell Run out of your grenades then step back Stand by Do it now Run Stay down Run Get down Go Go, come on There’re people running ahead of us Come on, go after them Yes sir Go after them You’re brilliant Chinese troops are now stripping back to Lai town How’s the situation of our troops Almost half of the detachment have gone All right Let the new commander take their place and give treatment to the wounded Order our people to have some rest here then keep going to Lai town Yes sir Zhen Chang Why did you go back so quickly Even we kept holding on for 20 minutes those guys need to have some rest for at least an hour We have time But this battle is gonna be something We’ve been already here No need to worry about us Here’s gonna be on us You go to do some work for the deployment of the third defense line Why It’s gonna be our last defense line where’s more crucial than here and there needs you I won’t I’ll stay with you here Lin Mei you have to listen to me we have to stay here for 20 hours What the hell are you doing You listen to me For this mission we need to go separate ways to finish it Are you clear I marked our firepower points which are available on it These made by you I’ll go We have to go Be careful

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22 thoughts on “The Chinese army bombed the enemy’s armored vehicles with a grenade!Great soldier 10

  1. 感覺是一部不錯的抗日片了 沒有誇張的單打多 一次伏擊不是殲滅一個中隊大隊的 只是半個小隊 日軍的演員日語流利了!

  2. First your first target should be an enemy officers. When you reload bolt action rifle just load with rifle in firing position on your shoulder, never lower the rifle to reload. This things are basic training stuff.

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