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The Ford GT drives the iconic Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway (+Arctic Circle Raceway)

The Ford GT drives the iconic Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway (+Arctic Circle Raceway)

Ford Presents Europe’s Greatest Roads The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway And Europe’s Greatest Circuits The Arctic Circle Raceway, Norway Filmed using professional drivers in a controlled environment Always obey local driving laws Starring the Ford GT So here we are Ford Ford GT on the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway Ford GT on this road is just out of this world, it really is. You can’t drive too fast on this road because they’ve got very low speed limits but it absolutely doesn’t matter because the scenery as you can see from our film is utterly beguiling around here. The Atlantic Ocean Road on the west coast of Norway is truly one of the world’s most incredible roads and originally it was meant to be a railway line not a road at all. Having pondered the idea for several decades Norwegian government abandoned their plans to link the villages of Kårvåg and Vevang by rail and in 1983 they began to build a road to do so instead. And on July 7 1989 the now world-famous Atlantic Road also known simply as the 64 was completed. At a cost of just over 120 million Norwegian kroner The road itself is only five and a bit miles long but it features a series of surreal-looking viaducts and causeways and eight different bridges that really do fray the
outer edges of your imagination. It’s an extraordinary road to drive in any car but in a bright yellow Ford GT with 647 bhp and two big black stripes on its roof well it doesn’t get much better than this quite frankly. I mean look at this place it is unbelievable! I don’t know, I’m not sure there are many
more beautiful places on earth and I’m not sure there are many better more beautiful roads on earth than the Atlantic Ocean Road. So anyway part two we need to get up to the Arctic Circle Raceway to go and break the lap record. To reach the Arctic Circle Raceway I drove the GT 500 miles north Past the town of Trondheim and then along another amazing series of roads called the E39 and the E6. I have to be honest it really was an absolute blast. The GT looked and sounded and just was a quite incredible thing to witness on those roads and then we met a nice man who had a very smart looking replica GT40 in full gulf colours. The Arctic Circle Raceway is the northernmost racetrack in the world and it sits just 19 miles outside the Arctic Circle itself. It was designed, built and opened in 1995 by a collection of local engineers and nowadays it’s used mostly for bike racing and it really is one heck of a track with 13 corners most of which are really fast and flowing. Plus, there’s a tighter section between turns 4 and 5 which is actually meant to replicate the best bits at Laguna Seca and in a Ford GT … … it’s pretty damn exciting. So this is it, the Arctic Circle Raceway. This is the main reason
that we came to Norway in the first place. I have to say it’s pretty special! With 647 bhp from its 3.5 liter twin-turbo v6 the GT has massive straight line performance for sure but if anything it’s the cars aerodynamic qualities that distinguish it most, relative to other road cars. This is what makes it so rapid around a circuit like the Arctic Circle Raceway. At its core sits a carbon fiber tub but there’s active aero at the front and rear. Plus a vast carbon ceramic brake disc at each corner. All up the GT weighs just a little bit less than 1,400 Kg and its top speed is 216 miles an hour. 0 to 60 miles an hour takes less than three seconds which is pretty astonishing for a car that’s rear-wheel drive. But the grip this car has got … the composure it’s got … … just blows your mind it really is a proper piece of work and it suits this track down to the ground. The main reason we came here all this way … to within 15 kilometres of the Arctic Circle. Is to try and set a new lap record for this track The current record stands at one minute 41 seconds I’m not going to try and break that lap record for Ford but I know a man who is and I know that he almost undoubtedly will and that Stefan Mücke one of Ford’s Le Mans drivers. I think he’s going to break
the lap record by huge amount to be honest. But that’s not my duty that Stefan’s duty so basically, over to you mister Mücke. Speed Limit End So after just a couple of sighting laps in the GT Ford’s Le Mans ace, Stefan Mücke was already down into the 1 minute 38s Which meant that he and the GT had already smashed the lap record before either of them had even got properly started but then Mücke did what racing drivers do he climbed out … had a bit of a think … and then said he could easily go quicker still. So, the tire pressures were dropped a bit and back out he went visibly trying quite a bit harder this time. And here is the unbroken footage of his fastest lap with data and footage all captured by the smart new Ford Performance App. And so precisely 1 minute 36.29 seconds later that was that Stefan Mücke and the Ford GT had a new lap record to their names and our week-long adventure in this incredible country with this extraordinary car was over. And with that we put the car back in the truck gave it one last look for good luck and we left Norway much as we’d found it. Which is to say a very beautiful country that has some of the most extraordinary roads on earth … and some of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet. Road #7 Road #7 – Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway Thrill factor 8/10 Road surface 10/10 Accessibility 7/10 Hospitality 10/10 Scenery 11/10 Food and drink 7/10 Total score 53/60

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81 thoughts on “The Ford GT drives the iconic Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway (+Arctic Circle Raceway)

  1. Lap records:Superbike: Daniel Kubberød, Superbike, 1.28.1 (Juli 2009)Formel: Pontus Mörth, Formel 3, 1.20.624 (Juni 1996)Touringcar: Jan «Flash» Nilsson, stcc, Volvo 1:27,323 (August 2000)Streetcars: Lars Magnussen Mitsubishi Evo 1:29,8 (September 2014)

  2. The record of 1:41:00 was made in which car? According to Wikipedia a record time of 1:29:8 was made in a Mitsubishi Evo back in 2014 so I'm not quite sure what went wrong here… The GT should've been much faster yet than that…

  3. This record wasn't that impressive to me. It just looked like Ford went after the low-hanging fruit. The previous record that was held on that track was with an 2006 Audi R8, a car that have done just above 8 minutes around the Nurburgring. If I'm just doing the simple math, then that should mean that the initial lap for the Ford GT around the Ring would be 7:30. At least if you judge it from the results from this video.

  4. This is phenominal what Ford has achieved with a V6…. Next challenge surely is F1 again… Time for another stab at redressing past glory… awake the DFV legend within …

  5. That’s video is simply stunning well done Ford. Absolutely love the GT 😀 hope somehow we get a chance to drive one for our channel in 2018.

  6. We live not too far away from the Atlantic Ocean Road, however I'm in another city studying at a university for the time being. I got really puzzled when my dad called me and said he passed by "a yellow car with black stripes that looked like a racecar". I later discovered he was talking about this exact Ford GT and I just got super jealous, hahah!

  7. Maybe if he used a 330 P4, it's be better haaah. First he talks about scenery and the colors, but then it starts rambling about stats. We all know about the car performance. It's modern day. Of course it's fast in every way. Go back to the bridge. People need to start understanding bodywork and scenery are better than performance.

  8. Thanks for giving my ''home'' track some well deserved attention, but I do hope you will make it a trend, we need to see more manufacturers challenge this time… OR you guys can try and beat the times of some of the people racing at ''sommertreff'' I know a evo did it in 1.29… (mine record is only 1.51, but its in a 125hp Nissan primera :D)

  9. Hi there, amazing video ! I'm Luca, a french journalist working for the Jetlag website,
    (, one of the French travel and entertainment leader . With the team, we would like to edit a short video about the Atantic Ocean Road, in Norway, and we loved your video, some images are really cool ! I would like to know if I can use some parts of your video to create a short film/video content about this event and post it on our page and social networks. Of course, you will be credited on screen and tag on it. Cheers !

  10. they should've made the road a bit wider, made a loop at both ends and made a road circuit course for an annual race like N24 – The Arctic 24.. Imagine having prototypes and GT racers going at it with almost 24 hours of daylight..

  11. Love the newer gt 40 design the front of it reminds me of the old gt 40 and I always dreamed of at least sitting in one but I herd rumors on the internet of a new gt 40 coming soon if true I can’t wait to see it keep up the good work and #ford4life

  12. Canadian built thank the Yanks Uncle Henry would be proud of that elite built space craft built by the Kanuks, I'll take an 05 model thank you.

  13. Is ok good day mr bohuie road in the city speed changues over intake new mixed prpulsion & items engine crusin england maybe city farm desert

  14. Cómo se consigue esa música de Fondo is Awsome 🎶🎵🔊🎼🔊🎶😊 Leonel from Argentina Buenos Aires 👍Por supuesto el Auto y el lugar de Prueba EXCELENTES !

  15. Okey, this is crazy. May 2018 I saw this car at Spa-Francorchamps during the FIA WEC 6 hour endurance race. Little did I then know, as I just found out, that the same car had been just a few miles away from my home the year before! 😯

  16. Man I wish I had the privilege and honor of being there on that road and driving the baddest most beautiful car in the world, the gt. My dream car is the gt40 mk2. But not even that's a reality I could touch. If I could just drive that gt for 5 minutes I would be in tears. What an amazing experience that must be to drive up there and be able to take all that in. That's incredible!!!

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